Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said: "I don't support euthanasia"

Prime Minister Tony Abbott
Australia's Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, commented on the euthanasia bill that was introduced in the Tasmanian legislature by stating:
"I don't support euthanasia."
An article in the Sydney Morning Herald examines both sides of the euthanasia debate.

In response to the recent euthanasia bill introduced by the Tasmanian legislature Abbott said:
Tasmania, unlike a Commonwealth territory, was entitled to do what it thought best. 
"I don't support euthanasia." 
"The problem with changing the law here is that it will lead to people who aren't in imminent danger of death being assisted to die." 
He agreed that doctors quite possibly now applied pain relief with the intention of speeding death. 
"I think the situation that we've got at the moment is a perfectly acceptable one," he said.
Paul Russell, the leader of HOPE Australia will be working with REALdignityTas to defeat the euthanasia bill in Tasmania.

If the bill passes, it is expected that Philip Nitschke will set-up a euthanasia clinic in Tasmania.

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Royalist's Helpmeet said...

This is so incredibly sad. As a former hospice nurse, I know that effective palliative and hospice care exist. I think it's a better approach to speak to the public about the nature of death and dying and the care that is available, rather than focusing on people "dying from intractable pain" (which I have rarely seen unless it was not treated properly).