Monday, October 21, 2013

Euthanasia letters.

The National post, on October 21, published many letters on euthanasia and assisted suicide. Here is a sample of the letters that support our current laws.
The government has no place in granting doctors with the “right” to kill a seriously ill Canadian. Their role is to protect the vulnerable and uphold the fact that all lives have equal dignity, meaning, and value to the end. We cannot just accept someone’s death wish and agree that their lives are no longer worth living. Instead, we must ease their suffering, provide comfort, and restore their sense of dignity and value.
Min Kim, Richmond, B.C.  
The threat of abuse is always present with assisted suicide, and is a reality in every jurisdiction that has accepted it. Doctors with the legal sanction to prescribe lethal medications, can and will do so without patient knowledge and consent, for the patient’s “own good.”
Natalie Sonnen, Surrey, B.C. 
Legalizing assisted suicide serves one purpose — to protect the doctor, friend or family member who kills a suicidal individual. I am wary of any law that makes it easier for somebody to kill another person.
Suzana Kovacic, Burnaby, B.C. 
Accepting that death will come at the end of our life is radically different from causing that death. In recent years both Canadian Courts and Parliament have articulated wise reasons for refusing to legitimate euthanasia or “physician-assisted suicide.” Suicide is not a common good to be promoted or assisted. It is a tragic loss, a despair. We rely on physicians to heal if possible, treat to their best ability, and never do deliberate harm. Don’t kill this trust.
Martha Crean, Toronto. 
Assisted suicide should not be an option. The aged, the depressed and the disabled could easily be pressured into “wanting it” by people (relatives) who want to get rid of them. Doctors could be forced to participate, even if they were against the idea of helping people to kill themselves. Curing people, not killing people, is what doctors are here for.
Kathleen Higgins, Delta, B.C. 
Assisted suicide should definitely NOT be an option for those who want it. Suicide is MURDER of ones own self and therefore it goes against the very nature of mankind. I empathize with those suffering from incurable conditions but this must be a call to everyone to assist our fellow human beings in their sufferings through our support and love, not by snuffing out their life. Who are we to judge who lives or dies?
Maxine Leslie.

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