Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tracy Latimer

Robyn Joffe was printed in the Calgary Herald today responding to an Editorial that was published in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix on September 13, 2010 that was titled: Latimer doesn't fit

The Saskatoon Star Phoenix justified the loosening of parole conditions for Robert Latimer, who killed his daughter Tracy in 1993. Tracy had cerebral palsy.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition has always held the position that Robert Latimer should be treated like any other person who was convicted of second-degree murder. The decision to ease his parole conditions appears to indicate that Robert Latimer is receiving special parole conditions.

I am reprinting Robyn Joffe's letter because he got it right. The letter follows:
Poor Tracy

By Robyn Joffe, Calgary Herald September 16, 2010

Re: "Latimer doesn't fit," Editorial, Sept. 13.

Robert Latimer should not be an exception to any parole rule. The bottom line remains he killed a human being. And like any other murderer, he should do hard time. While he may be sleeping in his home five nights a week, his daughter, Tracy, remains dead.

What message are we giving society when we take pity on a man who killed his own child? He could have and should have reached out and asked for assistance, from professionals who provide support to people with disabilities, and their families. Enough with feeling sorry for Robert Latimer. He is a murderer, plain and simple.

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Anonymous said...

Robert Latimer is not a Murderer!!!!!!!!!!! He is a good man and what he did was for love of Tracy.

Anonymous said...

Then why did he lie to the police about it? Tracy never indicated she wanted to die. Disabled children have a right to live.

kitkat said...

He is a good man because he killed a disabled person? What if he killed his daughter and his daughter had NO disabilities? Still a good man? The qualifier is that he put that poor horrible disabled burden to society out misery right? YOU are as bad as he is.