Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Did Nitschke counsel two Canadians to commit suicide?

Les Perreaux has written two consecutive articles for the Globe and Mail about Philip Nitschke, Australia's Dr. Death, and his upcoming suicide seminar tour of Canada and the United States

Yesterday's article was entitled: Ad campaign for assisted suicide banned from Canadian airwaves.

The article reported that the Television Bureau of Canada rejected Nitschke's - "Exit Choices" ad that was also rejected for airing in Australia. The ad was rejected because it might contravene the Criminal Code of Canada.

The article implies that the ad was rejected due to the lobbying efforts of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. The article stated:
The self-regulating body of Canadian broadcasters said it was inundated by a “great volume of e-mails threatening, pleading and warning us not to approve your commercial, as doing so would be a violation of the Criminal Code.”

Les overstated the nature of the emails from our supporters and he has given us credit for killing the ad that we do not deserve

What happened?

I contacted the Television Bureau of Canada (TVB) on Monday, September 20, after reading a media release by Nitschke and Exit International celebrating the approval of their euthanasia ad by the Television Bureau of Canada. I asked them: what criteria was used to approve the ‘Exit Choices’ TV ad? The TVB contact person stated:
“The ad has not been approved for Canadian use.”

I then sent a message to our supporters asking the question: Has the Euthanasia ad been approved in Canada or not?

Link to Monday's article: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/ad-campaign-for-assisted-suicide-banned-from-canadian-airwaves/article1727127/

I also stated:
Is Nitschke attempting to create controversy surrounding the possible rejection of this ad for Canadian use or does this mean the ad has simply not been approved yet?

Therefore, I was told that the ad had not been approved, after Nitschke lied about his euthanasia ad being approved.
As for lobbying the TVB, in fact, I warned them that they would probably be pressured by Nitschke and they said:
We do not make decisions based on pressure.

It was stated in the CBC report last Friday:
An Australian-based organization that promotes assisted suicide is considering legal action after Canadian regulators refused to allow one of its advertisements to be broadcast in Canada.

Who is actually lobbying the TVB?

Link to the CBC article: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2010/09/24/exit-international-ad.html

Today's article in the Globe and Mail focuses on at least two Canadians who committed suicide after attending Nitschke's suicide seminar in Vancouver.

The article states:
The methods of a controversial Australian doctor who advocates assisted suicide – and is planning to offer instructions on how to do it in Toronto and Vancouver next month – have already been used in Canada.

At least two Canadians have already died and five more have made preparations following the instructions of Philip Nitschke, according to the physician and an independent researcher familiar with the cases.

In one option, patients bought pentobarbital from Mexico, where it is easily found. Taken in high quantities, the drug stops the heart and lungs from functioning. Others have purchased helium gas used to inflate balloons which can be fed into a plastic bag worn over the head, triggering asphyxiation.

Nitschke was quoted as saying:
“I’m pleased that I’ve been able to give information so people know what they’re doing and know they won’t fail,” said Dr. Nitschke from his home in Darwin, Australia.

The article also stated that the reason the euthanasia ad, and the Vancouver and Toronto libraries have refused Nitschke's request is that he may be breaking the law. The article stated:
Libraries in Vancouver and Toronto that refused to allow the presentation, along with the Television Bureau of Canada, a broadcaster umbrella group, have obtained legal opinions telling them Dr. Nitschke is breaking the law.

Link to today's article in the Globe and Mail: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/at-least-two-canadians-have-followed-controversial-doctors-advice-on-suicide/article1729506/

Nitschke is similar to a suicide predator who preys on vulnerable people. He promotes suicide and sells information and devices to commit suicide.

He makes his living by selling his suicide manual for $75.

Further to that, an Australian article from September 20 pointed out that Nitschke has not distanced himself from his support to make euthanasia available to troubled teens. It stated:
“Doubts remain over whether some of the patients Dr Nitschke has euthanised were terminally ill and he is on the record saying that euthanasia should be available to troubled teens.”

Choice is a lie, people rarely choose to die, they are most often subtly pressured or depressed.

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