Monday, September 20, 2010

Euthanasia TV ad approved in Canada or not?

Today, I received a media release from Exit International, the Australian based euthanasia lobby group that is co-founded by Philip Nitschke (Australia’s Dr. Death). The media release celebrates that the TV ad entitled ‘Exit Choices’, that was rejected by the Australian Commercial Industry Code of Practice for airing in Australia, was approved to be aired in Canada.

The idea that the ad ‘Exit Choices’ was approved for Canadian television broadcast was confusing to me at best. I have viewed the ‘Exit Choices’ ad on U-Tube. This is an ad that promotes euthanasia, and encourages assisted suicide, which are illegal in Canada.

After reading the media release, I contacted the Television Bureau of Canada (TVB) and asked them: what criteria was used to approve the ‘Exit Choices’ TV ad? The TVB contact person stated:
“The ad has not been approved for Canadian use.”
Is Nitschke attempting to create controversy surrounding the possible rejection of this ad for Canadian use or does this mean the ad has simply not been approved yet?

The last time Nitschke came to Canada he created a media circus surrounding the rejection of his 'Suicide Workshop' by the Vancouver Public Library. Nitschke may be attempting to manufacture attention again.

Nitschke stated in the media release (dated today) that these ads will be used to promote his suicide workshops that have been scheduled for October 7 in Vancouver and October 13 in Toronto. Canada’s assisted suicide act (S. 241 of the Criminal Code) prohibits aiding, abeting (encouraging) and counseling suicide.

Nitschke states in the media release: “At these workshops practical end-of-life methods will be described, and information on lethal drugs and other techniques provided.”

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition supports Nitschke’s right to free speech, but Nitschke doesn’t debate the law, but rather he explains how to contravene the law.

I have viewed the ‘Exit Choices’ TV ad. It appears that the TV ad and the ‘Suicide Workshops’ contravene the Criminal Code of Canada.

Encourage the Television Bureau of Canada (TVB) to reject the ‘Exit Choice” TV ad because it appears to contravene the Criminal Code of Canada. Contact them at:, or email:

Alex Schadenberg
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

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