Thursday, June 24, 2010

US Senate Confirms Autism Self-Advocate To National Disability Council

Ari Ne'eman
An article that was published a few days ago from is about Ari Ne’eman who has officially become a member of the National Council on Disability.

I know Ari to be a great advocate for people with disabilities. I have a son who is diagnosed with Autism and from my understanding of Autism, I wonder why Ari is considered controversial.

The article stated that Ari was nominated last December but his nomination process was held up. The article stated:
Speculation swirled about the reason for the hold, with some suggesting that Ne’eman’s sometimes divisive views on autism could have been behind the delay. In particular, Ne’eman’s belief that autism should not be cured, but instead should be accepted and accommodated has drawn ire from parents of some individuals who are more adversely affected by the disorder.
Essentially Ari believes that Autism is a different way of experiencing the world. He believes that people with Autism do not need to be fixed, but rather need to be accepted. I think he is right.

Ari is not saying that someone should not have speech therapy to communicate effectively, he is saying that society needs to accept the diversity of individuals and not look to change people because they react to the world a little different. I also think it is not valid to attach other political causes to Ari's position.

When one considers what Autism actually is, we need to realize that it is really a different way of experiencing the world around us.

Congratulations Ari.

Link to the article in Disability Scoop:

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