Friday, June 4, 2010

The Resistance Campaign: People with disabilities launch website opposing assisted suicide

I have just received information from my contacts in the UK concerning a new website that is developed by the disability community to explain why they oppose the legalization of assisted suicide.

Not Dead Yet - UK has been actively resisting the legalization of assisted suicide. This website will better enable them to get their message out to society, a message that has often been ignored by the media.

The website is found at:

The fact is that the media would like to place the issue of assisted suicide within the context of the "culture war." This way society doesn't need to consider how the collateral damage related to legalizing assisted suicide will effect individuals and society in general.

I will continue to follow the "resistance campaign" website. As a father of a child with a disability I understand their perspective and congratulate them for continuing to engage in the debate.

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