Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Washington State Medical Association stongly opposes Initiative 1000

From the brochure produced by the Washington State Medical Association the physicians group makes it very clear that they oppose the I-1000 Initiative to legalize assisted suicide in their state.

The brochure titled: The Washington State Medical Association strongly opposes Initiative 1000 - I-1000 is not the answer.

The brochure states:
The WSMA believes physician assisted suicide is fundamentally incompatible with the role of physicians as healers. Patients put trust in physicians and that bond of trust would be irrevocably harmed by the provisions of this dangerous initiative.

Under the title - Patients Deserve Quality End of Life Care, the brochure states:
Requests for physician-assisted suicide are a signal that a patient's needs are unmet. Many patients are fearful about the choices they and their families will face a the end of life.

Significant advances in palliative medicine in recent years now provide doctors and patients the ability to control pain and other symptoms at the end of life. No one should feel forced to choose suicide for fear that good medical care is not available.

The citizens of Washington State need to heed the warning from the Washington State Medical Association. Why would a person suggest that physicians should be legally involved with assisted suicide when they themselves believe that it is wrong.

The brochure features a big check mark and the statement.
Vote NO on I-1000 this November.

Link to the brochure by the Washington State Medical Association:

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