Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beware of Mexico drug risks and rip offs

Under the title "Beware of Mexico drug risks and rip offs" it appears that Derek Humphry is warning his fellow euthanasia lobby and activists of the pit-falls and problems with going to Mexico to obtain lethal drugs.

Humphry states:
Now some people who are making the same hunting expedition at veterinary stores are reporting that they failed entirely. Upset and angry, they are embarrassed to give details. "We couldn't find any," they say and slam down the phone.

Unpleasant stories have also emerged of the sales experiences. A few people have taken a taxi in border towns asking the driver to take them to a vet. store. Some stores have window signs saying "Australians served."

While the traveler makes the substance purchase inside, the taxi driver calls friends at the local police, who then wait outside the store. As the customer emerges, the police waiting on the sidewalk accuse him or her of acting illegally(probably untrue) thus they will face arrest unless a bribe is paid.

In fact, he is not discouraging people from going to Mexico but to continue their efforts and to be aware that problems may exist in obtaining lethal drugs.

It should concern everyone that he acknowledges that many of the people who are seeking lethal drugs are mentally ill or unstable but that he doesn't raise concerns about the irresponsible nature of promoting suicide tourism in Mexico.

A few people have travelled from as far as Australia and New Zealand to get the substance for their end of life. And gone home to broadcast the news. For many it's an 'insurance' or escape route much to be desired. Many people with poor mental health are also joining the rush for this elixir of death.

Further, instead of discouraging people with mental illness or at least suggesting that the practise of mentally ill people obtaining lethal substances from Mexico might be viewed negatively by the common citizen, Humphry states:
If a person is still determined to acquire this prized death elixir because of life-threatening illness, they are best to travel to an inland Mexican city to search. Whereas this was highly likely in the past to succeed, there is now no guarantee. Caveat emptor.

Once again, the euthanasia lobby is not about self-deliverance for mentally competent, terminally ill adults, but rather to obtain a universal right to die for all people at the time of their choosing. They are simply not concerned about the duty to die that is imposed upon vulnerable people and they are not concerned about people who are mentally incompetent or depressed following their advice or dying in assisted suicide clinics in Switzerland.

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