Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nitschke launches online euthanasia manual

Philip Nitschke, Australia's Dr. Death, has done it again.

He is now launching an online version of his peacepill pill handbook in order to get around the fact that many nations, including Australia, have declared his book to be illegal to import.

The text of the ebook are also connected to detailed video of how to effectively kill oneself. Methods include use of the drug Nembutal that is obtained from veternary clinics in Mexico and the use of the plastic bag commonly known as an Exit Bag.

Nitschke is moving forward with his online suicide service while at the same time the UK, Japan, South Korea and other nations are attempting to block internet suicide sites due to an increase in suicide rates related to internet suicide promotion.

Nitscke was quoted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as saying:
"(The book) will finally make it possible for many elderly people in Australia too frail and elderly to attend an end of life workshop to obtain the material directly and in the privacy of their own home."

Nitschke, who is the maverick Australian leader of Exit International promoted the peaceful pill that allegedly could be available to anyone at anytime.

Several years ago Wesley Smith reported comments by Nitschke in an article titled "Noxious Nitschke" stating that the "peaceful pill" could be available to troubled teens.
Link to article on national review online:

I have been stating for a long-time that all western nations need to ban suicide promotion websites in the way we are banning child-pornography websites. Suicide promotion websites, such as the site sponsored by Nitscke, directly threaten the lives of vulnerable people who are often depressed or experiencing mental health issues.

Remember, even though Nitschke is a maverick in the euthanasia lobby he does not represent a different philosophy than that held by the mainstream. The final goal for Dying with Dignity in the Netherlands is the approval of the "Last-Will-Pill".

The only difference between Nitschke and the mainstream euthanasia lobby is the fact that Nitschke will publicly go outside of the law in order to achieve his final goal.

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