Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vulnerable adults merit protection

Yesterday I reported on an excellent article written by columnist Joel Connelly in Seattle Washington about the I-1000 initiative to legalize assisted suicide in that state.

Today I received an important email concerning an article in the Olympian newspaper concerning elder abuse in Washington state.

The article in the Olympian is refering to the wrap up of Elder Abuse Prevention Month.

The article states:
"Protecting the state's vulnerable people is the responsibility of each of us," said Kathy Leitch, assistant secretary for the Aging and Disability Services Administration. "Our goal is to help the general public recognize abuse, neglect and financial exploitation, and to advocate for safety on behalf of vulnerable adults."
In 2007 the state agency received 13,553 allegations and it is estimated that only one in five cases of abuse is reported.

Elder abuse has become a growing problem in every country.

In September, 2005; the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition published a 48 page report study by Philip Prins, a labor negotiator, entitled: Elder Abuse, Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide: Must we consider the link?

Prins states in the concluding section of the study:
"That legalized euthanasia or assisted suicide is ... perceived as a threat by many, including people with disabilities and their advocates is clear. It is a point of view that must yet be examined by the elderly, and their own groups. There are many types of abuses that take place with respect to the elderly, as the elder abuse literature sets out. The fact is that the legalisation of euthanasia or assisted suicide will open the door to the ultimate abuse becoming common."
One way to prevent the ultimate elder abuse will be to oppose the legalisation of assisted suicide by voting against the I-1000 initiative in Washington state.

To report cases of suspected elder abuse in Washington state, call 1-866-363-4276. Children and vulnerable adults merit our attention and protection.

Copies of the Elder Abuse, Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide: Must we consider the link? that is written by Philip Prins and published by the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition can be ordered for $15.00 by contacting the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition at: info@epcc.ca or calling 1-877-439-3348.

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