Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Czech minister views proposal to legalise euthanasia unfortunate

Dzamila Stehlikova, the Czech government minister in charge of human rights and minorities said that she considered the bill to legalize euthanasia in the Czech Republic was unfortunate.

Senator Vaclava Domsova (for the SNK ED) introduced the bill in the Czech parliament.

Stehlikova stated that: "the situation of seriously ill and dying patients could not be viewed as a choice between suffering and a doctor-induced death. Quality and affordable hospice and palliative care is a solution."

Stehlikova commented that: "euthanasia contradicts the very meaning of a doctor's profession, and that current the current medicine had possibilities to provide care capable of effectively alleviating the pain of seriously ill and dying patients."

She is also concerned that legalisation could lead to its abuse.

Stehlikova is correct. We need to care for people, not kill them.

The story: http://www.ceskenoviny.cz:80/news/index_view.php?id=324110

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