Monday, June 2, 2008

Washington State Initiative I-1000

The initiative to legalize assisted suicide in Washington State appears to be gaining ground.

The Death With Dignity I-1000 campaign to legalize assisted suicide has raised one million dollars;, they have organizations, such as the lobby group Compassion & Choices, working to raise more money on a national basis, and they have the former governor of Washington State, Booth Gardner, as a lead campaigner.

Every American who opposes assisted suicide, whether they be disability rights activists, palliative care professionals, pro-life supporters or anybody, needs to join the campaign to oppose I-1000.

Initiative I-1000 supporters are currently collecting signatures throughout the State of Washington. Due to fact that they have the money to spend money on paid signature collectors, I expect that they will collect 226,000 valid signatures.

We cannot wait until the signature campaign is verified before we start to raise the necessary money to oppose the legalization of Oregon-style assisted suicide in Washington State.

The Campaign against assisted suicide in Washington State must become the priority for all Americans who oppose assisted suicide.

Please go to and donate money or offer support today.

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