Friday, June 13, 2008

Golubchuk injustice

The Samuel Golubchuk trial is being moved to mid-September from its original date in mid-November.

Many people would rightly say that this case needs to be heard sooner rather than later.

The facts are that the original trial date was based on the reality that the legal counsel for the Golubchuk family was already scheduled for trial in September and unable to represent the Golubchuk family in trial at that time.

Several important witnesses for the Golubchuk family also indicated that they would be unavailable in September.

Therefore the original timing for the trial was based on the ideology that the family should have proper legal representation.

The injustice is clear.

The family who are fighting to protect the wishes and values of their father are being trounced on by Goliath, the health care system and all of its resources. The lawyer for the Golubchuk family was simply told to reschedule his other commitments or they would have to find another lawyer.

It is interesting that Grace Hospital was represented by a large team of lawyers from big law firms, while the Golubchuk family is represented by a lawyer who does not work for a major law firm.

Well, nonetheless, David did beat Goliath.

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