Wednesday, June 4, 2008

34 evacuated from suicide death in Japan

Japanese police evacuated 34 people from an apartment building today in response to another noxious suicide death.

The epidemic of suicide deaths has been exasperated by the new trend of downloading instructions from the internet to make a suicide gas concoction.

Japan has always had a high suicide rate but government figures show that 84 people committed suicide last month in Japan with the help of suicide instructions from the internet that give specific instructions as to how to mix chemicals for suicide.

The police are cracking down on websites that provide suicide information and they recently asked web providers to shut-down sites that promote suicide.

Once again, it is imperative that something be done to shut down websites that promote suicide. Society is effectively shutting down child porn websites, the same needs to be done for suicide promotion websites.

Related news:

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has given an $85,000 two year grant to researcher Mark S. Kaplan to make recommendations concerning the suicide rate in Oregon.

It is very interesting that the only state in the US that has legalized assisted suicide is also within the top 5 for seniors suicide rates in the US.

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