Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nitschke to establish mobile euthanasia clinic in Tasmania, if euthanasia becomes legal.

Today I had the opportunity to speak to members of the Tasmanian parliament about why it is not safe to legalize euthanasia or assisted suicide. In response to a question from a member of the Tasmanian parliament, I reminded them that Philip Nitschke had already promised to establish a euthanasia clinic in Tasmania, if they legalize euthanasia.

Later in the day I received this media release from Exit International announcing plans by Philip Nitschke, the founder of Exit International, to open a euthanasia clinic that would include mobile euthanasia teams, based upon a Dutch euthanasia clinic.

On March 1, a euthanasia clinic in the Netherlands launched six mobile euthanasia teams to provide an estimated 1000 euthanasia deaths to people who were either turned down by their doctor, or who are disabled and/or frail elderly people who lack mobility.

Nitschke stated in his media release titled: Mobile Medically Assisted Suicide Clinic for Tasmania,  that:
Plans for a Tasmanian mobile medically-assisted suicide clinic, modelled on the Dutch version, will be readied for operation to coincide with the expected law change in Tasmania.
Nitschke then stated in his media release:
Since announcing the establishment of a Hobart clinic in 2011 to take advantage of the expected changes to euthanasia laws, it has become clear that a mobile service made a great deal of sense.
The media release continued by explaining what he learned at the recent World Federation of Right to Die Societies Conference in Zurich:
"After looking at the Swiss model in Zurich, and talking with doctors from Holland, it is the sheer fact that I, as the doctor, can come to them rather than have the seriously ill attend a stand-alone clinic model."
He then concluded:
"Our Tasmanian plans echo the national home-visit clinic program I currently run under the Exit International umbrella. Only the Tasmanian model would allow me to also take that extra step and lawfully prescribe Nembutal."
After speaking to many members of the Tasmanian legislature, it is my hope that the Tasmanian legislature will kill the euthanasia bill and continue protecting the Tasmanian people from euthanasia, assisted suicide and Philip Nitschke.


Unknown said...

The mobilization of euthanasia units sparks the question of how western 'end of life' policies will seep into small and developing countries. It conjures the image of euthanasia vans, moving like garbage trucks, scooping up the dispossed and dying from city gutters.Given humanity's proven record of eugenics and genocide, I don't suppose this is beyond the range of possibily. These activities are far cry from the banner of 'death with dignity'.

Unknown said...

Reminds me of that Monty Python sketch: "bring out your dead!" a skit set during the black plague.

Madellen said...

Yes, and some were not dead, they were only