Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Contact Delaware Governor John Carney. Tell him to veto the assisted suicide bill.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Contact Delaware Governor John Carney and tell him to veto assisted suicide Bill HB 140. Contact him at:  john.carney@delaware.gov

Governor John Carney
People at vulnerable times of their life need proper care not assistance in being killed. 

In a roller coaster ride of votes, the Delaware Senate passed assisted suicide Bill HB 140 on June 25 by an 11 to 10 vote in a second vote on the bill.

On June 20 I reported that the Delaware Senate defeated the assisted suicide Bill HB 140 by a 9 to 9 vote. I thanked the many Delaware citizens who worked to defeat the bill.

The June 25 vote was based on all 6 Senate republicans voting No along with 4 Senate Democrats.

Eleven members of the Delaware Senate voted to legalize medical killing even after an assisted suicide lobby leader lied to them three times during the Senate hearing.


Joan Cavanagh, Progressives Against Medical Assisted Suicide said...

Does this mean the law now goes to the Governor for signature or does it still have to be voted on in the full legislature? I am not familiar with the process in Delaware, but I would think the latter.
As a leftist advocate for human rights, I certainly cannot hope for a “shift in the balance of power” that gives any more power to the fascist leaning MAGAs that are now the Republican Party. So it is crucial that we educate leftists, liberals, progressives and moderates as to why Medical Assisted Suicide is so dangerous, and such a threat to everything we believe in.

Vi said...

Smh...This is all part of the New World Order's (Depopulation) Agenda 2030. They have even told & shown us (again & again) what their plans are. So...they have ZERO intention of stopping until all of their (wicked) goals/plans come to fruition.

Thankfully, their day is of reckoning IS coming, when they will (finally) meet their Creator & righteous Judge who WILL hold them (eternally) accountable for their countless crimes against humanity. Glory Alleluia!

Alex Schadenberg said...

Dear Joan:

The Governor can still veto the bill.
As for the balance of power, that could be anyone getting elected who opposes killing people.

Anonymous said...

I’m curious about the political orientations of the four Democrats who opposed the bill’s passage. Were they centrist /mainstream Democrats or were they progressive Democrats? My guess is that they were progressives, representing the less affluent and less powerful. Centrist /mainstream Democrats always want to play referee between the competing views to their left and to their right, even when the people to their left and right are in agreement. These Democrats have no actual case to make other than it’s what they believe, so it must be right. That’s called elitism, and it’s ugly. - Thomas Lester

Meghan said...

I know plenty of progressive people in the disability rights movement that oppose assisted suicide; my hope is that those voices become more visible and influential. My hope is that more people in our culture will, at times, put aside political differences, even very impactful ones-to advance disability rights policies that will benefit disabled people regardless of their disability, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc-like fighting assisted suicide, improving the special education system, increasing housing, getting rid of subminimum wages, etc.

Alex Schadenberg said...

Dear Thomas:

People oppose assisted suicide from many political positions, but mostly it is based on personal experience. For instance, people with disabilities often experience negative attitudes towards them already. The concept of legalizing assisted suicide is frightening considering the discrimination that they have already experienced.

Carol V said...

Email sent to Governor Carney.

terry said...

Terry McElhone

I like to know when you will start calling it what it is
Let the people know what they are disguising with fancy words.

Vi said...

Yes, I absolutely agree Terry McElhone! "EXECUTION BY LETHAL INJECTION" is exactly what it is. How beyond sad that people have been gravely deceived about this and they are willingly lining up to be EXECUTED! :(