Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Euthanasia proposal dies when France calls election.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Alex speaking at the European Parliament
I rarely provide political commentary, but elections have consequences.

The European Parliament held their elections from June 6 to June 9, 2024 resulting in a shift in the balance of power. It appears that the European Parliament will likely have more of a  conservative focus over the next few years.

In response to the European election results and the shift in european politics, French President, Emmanuel Macron, on June 10 called a snap election with his hope of catching conservative political parties off-guard. The election will be on June 29 - 30 and the second tier on July 6 - 7.

For those who oppose euthanasia, France's euthanasia proposal has technically died with the snap election. After the election the euthanasia proposal will need to be re-introduced. If Macron loses support, it is unlikely that the euthanasia proposal will immediately return.

A similar situation exists in the UK where Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called a snap election for July 4. The difference is that Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, is leading in the polls and Starmer has promised that if elected his party would legalize assisted suicide.

Clearly elections have consequences.

As I reported on June 11, as part of the European Union election there was a Slovenian referendum on the question ‘Are you in favour of adopting a law that will regulate the right to assistance in the voluntary end of life?’ that passed with 55% in favour and 45% against. The vote is non-binding, but has support from three political parties who proposed the referendum.

Euthanasia has become a significant political issue.

The only "good" that is coming from Canada's disasterous euthanasia law is that it is a warning to the rest of the world not to legalize euthanasia or assisted suicide.


Anonymous said...

The politicians in power are ever so adept at slanting their language to be manipulative. “…a law that will regulate the right to assistance…” As if there is already a RIGHT to ASSISTANCE in death, and they are seeking to regulate this already existing right. The phrase “…voluntary end of life” looks as if the proponents are being defensive because they know that many “assisted deaths” are coerced, if not directly, then indirectly by social and cultural pressures. I think there’s a force of evil coursing its way around the globe. History, thus far, has shown that evil always loses in the end. But there must be people to exert a counter force. The only question is how bad will things get before the masses of people materialize to snuff out the evil. -Thomas Lester

Anonymous said...

Thank you Thomas
Good thoughtful people must stand up and say “No”!
Excellent Hospice opens the portal to the luminous realms of Source!
Suicide, murder by choice, running away from life outside of God’s time has fierce consequences according to many traditions. Alex should go a few essays on this aspect.