Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Scotland's assisted suicide bill allows 16-year-olds with Anorexia to be killed.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, 
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Professor David Jones
Georgia Edkins, the Scottish Political Editor for the Daily Mail reported on April 20, 2024 that 16 year-olds with Anorexia could be approved for assisted suicide under Scotland's assisted dying bill. Edkins reports:
Teenagers with anorexia could apply for state-backed ‘suicide’ under ‘extremely dubious’ laws proposed in Scotland, experts warned last night.

Newly published Holyrood legislation would allow NHS patients to request prescriptions for a life-ending cocktail of drugs that induce a coma, shut down the lungs and eventually stop the heart.
Edkins reporting on comments by ethicist David Jones writes:
David Jones, professor of bioethics at St Mary’s University in London and director of the Anscombe Bioethics Centre, said: ‘It is extremely, extremely dubious.

We’re talking about “assisted dying” as a euphemism, and it’s always assisted suicide.

‘Suicide is something that we should try to seek to prevent and provide alternatives to, whether it’s for an old person or a young person, whether they have progressive disease or disability.’

‘Terminal in the Scottish Bill is defined as someone having a progressive incurable disease from which you could die. It could cover anorexia.
Jones also warned that the assisted suicide bill that is sponsored by Liam McArthur would:
  • Let people as young as 16 die before their lives had properly begun;
  • Not require someone to be close to death to be eligible for ‘assisted dying’;
  • Not make a psychiatric assessment mandatory ahead of the life-ending procedure.
Edkins reported Jones as stating:‘
It is called the Assisted Dying for Terminally Ill Adults (Scotland) Bill, so that proclaims itself as being restricted to people who are terminally ill, but it defines people that are terminally ill only as people who have a progressive incurable disease, which is at an advanced stage. It doesn’t mean that you’re dying.’

Jones referenced the fact that in Scotland, a person is deemed an adult at 16, whereas in Oregon the age is 18. Based on the definition of terminal illness in the bill, someone with Anorexia could be approved for assisted suicide at the age of 16. Jones states:

‘There have been cases of people with anorexia having assisted dying in Oregon.’
Edkins ends her article by stating:
Perhaps most troubling is Professor Jones’ suggestion that the embattled NHS in Scotland could resort to suggesting death as a viable replacement for treatment.

He said: ‘What you’re starting to see in Canada is that doctors will suggest to patients, “Have you thought of assisted dying”, including people who, for example, have had difficulty getting support for social services to live at home.

‘There’s nothing in the Scottish legislation that prevents that.’


O'Hara said...

Same slippery slope in Canada!
It was only for the terminal Ill or no cure for their disease.
"Scotland could resort to suggesting death as a viable replacement for treatment".

Canada is already doing that and begin promoted by the Gov't too. They are also allowing people who can't pay their bills/rent to take Canada's Great Genocide program MAiD.
Pretty soon they put anyone on the system to save MONEY for our Gov't. Who loves to spend money as fast as they get it or give it to Ukraine.

madge Weber said...

Canada needs a re consecration of our faith in our Prince of Peace, our merciful God and Creator of all life, to renew the face of the earth with divine light, to bring hope for the captives, mercy, and justice for all.

For Canadians, please support the March4Life on Thursday May 9th,in your own province. Please extend this invitation to your community too. For all who are viewing this, please join us in prayer that day too. Thank you kindly.

Fortunately, Alex will be our quest speaker-----praise God.

Madge Weber

James Leonard Park said...

Yes, the current definition replacing "terminal illness" is too broad and vague.
The lawmakers of Scotland should choose a better way to say who would be eligible for assistance in dying. And eating disorders should NOT qualify. Teen-agers who had the urge to be extremely thin usually grow out of this obsession. Death is not a reasonable solution.

Alex Schadenberg said...

We agree on something James.
The definition of "terminal illness" is intentionally broad and vague in order to permit people with disabilities who are not terminally ill be defined as terminally ill.

Vi said...

This is madness! Smh!