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Tell your Member of Parliament to oppose euthanasia for mental illness.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Canada’s federal Justice Minister, Hon Arif Virani stated in December, 2023 that the government is considering "hitting the pause button" on euthanasia for mental illness. Members of Parliament will return from their break next week. 

The government has not stated it's intention on the issue but you need to tell your representatives that you oppose euthanasia for mental illness.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) launched a campaign to stop euthanasia for mental illness. 

Join our campaign by ordering parliamentary post-cards (above) that state: I demand that the government reverse its decision to permit “MAiD” for mental illness alone. The cards are ordered for free by contacting EPC at: 1-877-439-3348 or email:

EPC also launched a petition (Petition Link) to the Justice Minister and the Justice Critics urging the Canadian government to reverse the decision to permit euthanasia for mental illness and demanding that Canadians with mental illness not be abandoned to death by euthanasia (“MAiD”).

EPC is also sending a copy of Tyler Dunlop's book: Therefore Choose Life—My Journey from Hopelessness to Hope to every Member of Parliament.

When Canada expanded the euthanasia law in March 2021 (Bill C-7), one of the expansions in the law was to permit euthanasia for mental illness alone. At that time the government decided to approve euthanasia for mental illness but with a two-year moratorium to give the government time to prepare.

Early last year the government delayed the implementation of euthanasia for mental illness for another year. Canada is currently scheduled to permit euthanasia for mental illness on March 17, 2024.

Last year, the Hon Ed Fast sponsored Bill C-314, a bill that would have prohibited the government from permitting euthanasia for mental illness. Bill C-314 was defeated by a vote of 167 to 150 but 8 Liberals, every NDP and every Conservative Member of Parliament supported Bill C-314. This led to the government considering reversing their position on euthanasia for mental illness.

Canadians oppose euthanasia for mental illness.

In February 2023, the Angus Reid Institute published a poll indicating that 31% of Canadians supported euthanasia for mental illness alone, with the highest support being in Quebec (36%) and the lowest support being in Saskatchewan (21%). In September 2023, the Angus Reid Institute conducted another poll which indicated that support for euthanasia for mental illness had dropped to 28% of Canadians.

Dr K Sonu Gaind
A Globe and Mail editorial published on November 4, 2023 quoted Dr. K Sonu Gaind, Chief of Psychiatry at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, who stated that there is "absolutely no consensus" as to what constitutes an irremediable medical condition when it comes to patients with mental illness. The comment by Dr Gaind is important because the law requires that a person must have an irremediable medical condition to be approved for euthanasia.

The Federal government sponsored a conference on euthanasia for mental illness in October in Victoria BC where it was argued that certain addictions are linked to mental illness and therefore euthanasia for mental illness could include people with addictions.

Similar to people with disabilities, people with mental health issues are more likely to live in poverty, to be homeless or to struggle to obtain the medical treatment that they need.

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Shirley Flood Marenick said...



Anonymous said...

I have many friends and some family who have overcome Mental Illness with time, therapy and drugs. Killing them would end it all for them in their time of need. Stop this ridicuous so called solution.

Stephen said...

One of the first questions that a psychiatrist will ask a mentally ill patient before releasing them out of medical care is "Do you have thoughts of harming yourself?" I speak from extensive experience from my son who has struggled for 4 years. Now he is doing well. He tried to several times to kill himself while in the hospital, and that is extremely common. THAT'S THE REASON THEY ARE THERE UNDER CARE!!! So what now? We want to ENABLE their illness instead of treating it? This is diabolical. The very idea of helping mentally ill patients commit suicide is ITSELF a mentally unstable idea. It is no exaggeration at all to compare this to Nazi Germany. Shall we empty out the mental wards, the handicap wards, the geriatric wards by killing everybody? When with this incredible lunacy end?

Anonymous said...

Stephen's comment is bang-on. Yes, the emptying of psych wards, handicap wards, geriatric's all part of the Big Agenda of the eugenics movement (from decades ago), finally brought to fruition!

Additionally, one can easily imagine other future scenarios regarding all this depravity. Picture either a malevolent &/or greedy relative wanting to "do away with" a family member, merely for their own benefit. They could report that family member as "mentally unstable" and the govt could step in and offer them the 'easy' way out as a 'solution' to all the trauma the malevolent family member is causing them. How 'convenient' for the globalists.

Donna Nelson said...

Donna Nelson

This is part of the genocide globalist population control. It is evil beyond imagination!
Let us not be silent!
No to euthanasia. Life goes on after death and we will all meet our maker.

Anonymous said...

I have read Duncan Tyler's book, "Therefore Choose Life". I am so grateful for the courage it took to share his story of survival on the Streets right across Canada, and his recovery from
the demons or vices that would kill his body, soul and spirit. Tylor's testimony has given me greater incentive to continually work towards greater funding from our gov't. to be allocated to Health Care, especially for Mental Health services. I think this is a hope and a reality we as Canadians long for. With compassion, love, commitment and sufficient resources we can manage to care for the most vulnerable in our communities. Tylor, great job. Madge