Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Provincial Health Ministers urge the Federal government to indefinitely pause euthanasia for mental illness.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Canadian Press report from January 29, 2024 revealed that Health Ministers from several Provinces asked the federal Minister of Health, Mark Holland, to "indefinitely pause" the implementation of euthanasia for mental illness. On January 29, Holland announced that the government would delay the implementation of euthanasia for mental illness.

The Canadian Press reported that:
Health and mental-health ministers from all three territories, along with Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick and British Columbia, asked Holland in a letter on Monday to give them more time to collaborate.

“It is critical that all jurisdictions, health authorities, regulators and (medical assistance in dying) practitioners have sufficient time to implement these safeguards and to address capacity concerns that are expected to result from the expansion,” it read.

The expansion date set for March doesn’t provide jurisdictions with enough time to get prepared, the letter said.

“Therefore, we encourage you and federal Justice Minister Virani to indefinitely pause the implementation of the expanded (medical assistance in dying) eligibility criteria to enable further collaboration between provinces, territories, and the federal government.”
While the Provincial Health Ministers called for an indefinite pause the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is urging the federal government to reverse the legislation and reject euthanasia for mental illness.

The Canadian Press report also stated that the federal Conservatives are calling on the Liberals to cancel the plan to extend euthanasia to people with mental illness while the NDP are calling on the Liberals to put more mental health care supports in place before expanding euthanasia to people with mental illness.

EPC is urging its supporters to tell their Member of Parliament to oppose euthanasia for mental illness.

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Sharon Danley said...

This is good news EXCEPT, I question the fact that they are ALREADY using mental health as part of their criteria. My son had documented episodes of suicidal ideation yet they still euthanized him.

Alex Schadenberg said...

You are right Sharon that the death doctors already use mental health as a criteria. For instance, if you are suicidal, they might determine that you are terminally ill. Nonetheless, this will hold it back a little.

The story of your son is important. Most people have no idea that what happened to your son is happening. Maybe I should republish your article.

Tammy said...

Yes please do. It's these stories that motivate me and others to continue bringing our experience forward. I've experienced compounding grave results while advocating for proper procedure from the inside as an RN. I was canceled , denied, and burnt at the stake. Does EPC have webinars or groups for supports??

Janice said...

That's the sad part of this entire episode in the tragedy of mental health and suicide. The seed has been planted for people experiencing suicidal ideas or depression to now consider or fixate on suicide as being their outlet and goal.
They may have not given suicide a serious consideration, but now the narrative has normalized the idea and the suggestion of suicide can be their solution. If others are doing it, they can to.
We must continue to oppose this Trudeau agenda as part of his climate change/eugenics goal.