Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Euthanasia doctor suing hospital for not informing him of murder allegations

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

A euthanasia "provider," Dr Scott Anderson, has filed a $6.25-million lawsuit against the London Health Science Centre (LHSC) in Ontario because the hospital failed to inform him that he was under investigation for the possible murder of patients.

Even though the probe exonerated Anderson, he has filed a defamation lawsuit. Avis Favaro, CTV News medical correspondent, published her interview with Anderson on September 26 2023:
His concern is that the allegation might have been a suggestion he was performing medical assistance in death before it was legal. “The last thing you want as a MAID doctor is to have unsubstantiated allegations of murder. It is damaging to your career,” said Anderson.

Anderson says he has never seen the complaint and was assured it was investigated and deemed unfounded.

He discovered that despite that, someone at the London Health Sciences Centre ordered a second investigation. The hospital had assembled a team of investigators, some he now believes were his colleagues, who over seven months reviewed some 600 patient hospital deaths. Again, he was never informed until after the investigation was completed.
Even though Anderson was exonerated he believes that the probe itself, which did not include an interview with him, represents defamation since as a MAiD (euthanasia) doctor, these type of allegations may damage his career.

According to the CTV News article, a former nurse filed a complaint in March 2022 claiming that Anderson had caused the death of an elderly patient in 2014. Favaro reports:
The nurse originally made the complaint to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), the statement of claim says. However, the CPSO referred the matter back to the hospital since the college can only address complaints made by patients.
The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is concerned that the allegation dating back to 2014 wasn't originally investigated. 

Anderson is known in London, Ontario as one of the few doctors who is willing to do MAiD (euthanasia). As he stated in a previous interview, most of the other doctors are only willing to provide assessments. 

Several physicians, who oppose euthanasia, have been investigated before a tribunal for statements they have made opposing euthanasia.

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