Monday, September 11, 2023

Conservative Party of Canada passes Policy 908 opposing expansion of euthanasia

Dear Friends:

We have incredible news. 

The Conservative Party of Canada overwhelmingly passed Policy 908 at their Convention (September 7 - 9, 2023) in Quebec City, a resolution that opposes the expansion of euthanasia to people with psychological suffering, to minors, to people who are not competent and their opposition to euthanasia for people who are not terminally ill.

Policy 908 stated the following:

In principle, the Conservative Party opposes euthanasia and assisted suicide. Furthermore, we oppose the extension of euthanasia and assisted suicide (MAID) to minors, to people who are not competent, people who live with psychological suffering (mental illness), and people not terminally ill (their natural death is not reasonably foreseeable).

We oppose MAID for people living with disabilities or mental illness seeking to die based on poverty, homelessness or inability to receive medical treatment. Euthanasia must not be an abandonment of people living with genuine needs.
The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition was involved with the development and promotion of Policy 908. In a letter that we sent to Conservative Members of Parliament we stated:
Bill C-7, in March 2021, approved MAiD for mental illness alone with a two year moratorium. This Spring Bill C-39 extended the moratorium on MAiD for mental illness to March 17, 2023. On Wednesday May 17, 2024, Bill C-314, a bill sponsored by Hon. Ed Fast MP (Abbotsford CPC), received it’s first hour of debate. C-314 would once again prevent MAiD for mental illness.

Recently Kathrin Mentler went to the Assessment Centre at Vancouver General Hospital for help as she was experiencing suicidal ideation. While being assessed the counsellor asked her if she had considered Medical Assistance in Dying. Mentler told the media that she was shocked and sickened that she was given recommendations on how to kill herself.

A report from the Special Joint Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying (AMAD) that was tabled in the House of Commons on February 15, 2023 calling for a drastic expansion of (MAiD). The report recommended that "mature minors" and patients with dementia should be permitted to make advanced requests for MAiD by advanced directive.

We need you to help slow the growth and normalization of MAiD in Canada.

Enough is enough. Death-care for some is not a substitute for healthcare for all.
The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition offers our gratitute to the original sponsors of Policy 908 and all of the delegates and Members of Parliament who worked to get it overwhelmingly passed at the Policy Convention. Now it needs to be implemented.


Janice said...

An even better reason to now vote Conservative.

Thank you, EPC for being the voice of so many.

Anonymous said...

If I thought for one minute that the CPC would actually do anything to stop MAID or abortion I would vote for them, but they will continue to say they are pro life but will not enact any legislation to prevent MAID or abortion. Their goal is to get elected and pro-life stands in their way. Everything else in their agenda is abhorant to me.

Alex Schadenberg said...

I usually don't post an Anonymous comment but this one is worth my response.

I will never tell you how to vote but considering the actual alternatives, that being the Liberals, the NDP or the Bloc in Quebec, the others only offer more death under a false guise of freedom. As for Bernier, he said during the last election that he made a mistake when he voted against euthanasia.

Anonymous said...

We are so pleased with the CPC’s stand for life - we will definitely be voting CPC - Mr. Poilievre and his team need our encouragement and prayers.

Elaine Taylor said...

I'm very disappointed in your comment to Anonymous, Alex. I challenge you to read Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. If you don't have time for that, go to my Facebook page and read what I posted 4 days ago. "Connecting History's Dots" You are absolutely right that neither the Liberals, nor the NDP, nor the Bloc and likely not the People's Party will ever do anything except increase the number of ways and reasons to die/kill. But our land is polluted with the blood of the Innocents, and you can't even bring yourself to acknowledge the one and only federal party in our country that is unequivocally PROLIFE. If every person who calls him or herself pro-life would actually take a stand for life, & make Jesus Lord of their vote, & support good, competent people, whose party will back up their pro-life initiatives in Parliament, to run in their riding, I believe God would bless our faithfulness. If you, like CBC and almost every church in the country, continually censor the Christian Heritage Party, of course people will continue ask why they have never heard of us before, and we will continue to get the kind of wicked leaders we've had for years. All the strategising in the world is foolishness to God. Read your Bible. God has not changed. Or maybe he needs re-branding?

Elaine Taylor said...

Jesus asked if a salt spring could bring forth fresh water. The CCP has a habit of wooing the Christian vote by being ‘nice’, ‘decent’, or ‘personally pro-life’, but the only MPs or nominees who have stood firm in their beliefs have gotten the boot from the party. As smart and charismatic and dynamic and personable as Pierre Poilievre is, he is clearly pro-choice and makes no bones about it. Their new policy on euthanasia is a very weak position. A bone tossed to the small-c conservatives. The last Conservative government could have nipped it in the bud – if they had cared at all about the issue. Christians are still waiting for Harper to do something about abortion…….

Meghan said...

I don't know a lot about Canadian politics, but I don't see why the conservative party of Canada, and anti-PAS conservatives in the United States, couldn't do whatever introspection or agenda reform to make opposition to euthanasia a part of a whole-cloth effort to advance the rights of people with disabilities. It's important that conservatives join their opposition to euthanasia with support for educational, vocational and social opportunities for persons with disabilities. And, in some respects that is a more doable goal then trying to get deeply committed death-mongers to stop attacking the disabled community with euthanasia. But I don't see why the entire world, comprised of people with both conservative and progressive ideological perspectives-couldn't have a kind of epiphany in regard to disability rights. I hope that people will use tragedies like what's happening in Canada to do that reflection.