Monday, March 27, 2023

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition contest. "Telling Our Side of the Story"

    "Telling Our Side of the Story"

The board and staff of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition are proud to invite all of our readers, and friends, to participate in an exclusive EPC creative messaging contest: "Telling Our Side of the Story".

For many years, we have been inundated with euthanasia propaganda portraying life as meaningless, death as freedom, despair as wisdom, hopelessness as courage, the abetting (and suggestion) of suicidal desires as an act of love.

It is high time (and more than time) for us to clean up this mess by "Telling Our Side of the Story"!

We call upon our readers and supporters to submit euthanasia stories that are true, or fictional or any combination of the two. This is the chance to set your heart (and your imagination) free, in both condemning nihilistic death and extolling the beauty of life.

Accepted stories will be published on the EPC blog (and if possible featured in a printed collection). As soon as we have received a sufficient number of contributions, EPC will award a first prize of $500. Future editions of the contest will evolve after the first contest is completed. 

Send your story to Alex Schadenberg:

For maximum flexibility and creative potential, there will be few rules, and no definite requirements on content, or form.

  • Anybody can send any article, story or video (articles that are good or interesting will be published),
  • Anyone in the world can participate,
  • Author privacy will be scrupulously respected (as desired).

Let us joyfully carry this exciting enterprise into the cultural domain. Join us, today, in "Telling Our Side of the Story"! 

If you wish to discuss your ideas, contact Alex at: or call: 1-877-439-3348.

Best Regards,

Gordon Friesen
President, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

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Margaret Welwood said...

I believe my true story is connected to euthanasia as it illustrates both disregard for the lives of seniors (with "no quality of life" as the excuse), and the divine working of a God Who cares very much about seniors.

Please go to ezinearticles(dot)com and search for Advance Directive Warning by Elizabeth W.