Monday, April 25, 2022

Delta Hospice Society responds to campaign urging premier to steal their assets.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Recently I wrote about the Mayor of Delta BC pressuring the BC Premier to expropriate the remaining assets of the Delta Hospice Society  (Link).

In that article I wrote that Delta BC Mayor George Harvey urged BC Premier John Horgan to:
“take whatever steps you can to ensure that thrift store assets and revenue are restored to the Irene Thomas Hospice as originally intended by the Delta community.”

The Irene Thomas Hospice was taken from the Delta Hospice Society (DHS) by the BC Ministry of Health in March 2021 because the DHS refused to participate in (MAiD) euthanasia. The Irene Thomas Hospice is now operated by the Fraser Health Authority who permit MAiD.

Angelina Ireland
Angelina Ireland, the President of the Delta Hospice Society provided a strong response that was referred to in an article by James Smith writing for the Surrey Now Leader. She called the letter by Harvey "chilling." Smith quoted Ireland as stating:

“One wonders why the democratically elected Mayor Harvie will not recognize our private organization’s democratic process and the overwhelming results of our annual general meeting, which saw a super-majority of 76 per cent of members vote for traditional palliative care,”

“Further, the mayor urging Premier Horgan to take ‘whatever steps you can’ is chilling and should cause concern for all private organizations and businesses.”
The DHS established the Delta Cares Helpline to help people experiencing end-of-life medical issues and concerns at: 1-800-232-1589. 

The Delta Cares Helpline was established for people in the Delta BC region and beyond. Smith reported Ireland as stating:

Ireland said proceeds from the thrift shop support the society’s operations and the local community’s need for “traditional palliative guidance,” which the DHS also makes available to people across the country.

“Traditional palliative care knows no boundaries,”

Revenue from the store has also supported the launch and operation of the Delta Cares Helpline, which provides free 60-minute counselling sessions and practical advice for individuals and families struggling with difficult end-of-life circumstances or bereavement, according to the society’s website.
The euthanasia lobby continues to attack the DHS because they continue to oppose MAiD and they publicly refuse to kill their patients.

The DHS has expertise in providing end-of-life care. The Delta Cares Helpline is instrumental for helping people live with dignity until they die a natural death.

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Anonymous said...

The euthanasia lobbyists will stop at nothing to accomplish euthanasia on demand at any age in our country. Please keep up the good fight Angelina and all. Rita.