Sunday, November 21, 2021

Euthanasia and infanticide promoting philosopher wins $1 Million dollar Berggruen prize

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

Peter Singer, who supports infanticide of newborns with disabilities and is the father of the animal rights movement, won the Berggruen prize a $1 million award given annually to a thinker whose ideas have “profoundly shaped human self-understanding and advancement in a rapidly changing world.”

Singer, the author of the book Practical Ethics, is the most controversial "ethicist" for his support of infanticide and euthanasia for people with disabilities and mental illess. More concerning than his ideas is the many people who "think" that he is right and follow his dangerous philosophy. 

The New York Times article by Jennifer Schuessler concerning Singer winning the Berggruen prize stated:
Not Dead Yet protest
Singer, 75, has also been a controversial figure, particularly among advocates for disabled people who have contended that his utilitarian analysis discounts the value of their lives. (In his 1979 book “Practical Ethics,” he argued that parents should have the right to end the lives of newborns with severe disabilities.) In 1999, his appointment at Princeton drew protest from the disability advocacy group Not Dead Yet, whose founder has called Singer “the most dangerous man on earth.”
Singer's philosophy should be rejected as dangerous, discriminatory and anti-human and 
I agree with the disability rights group Not Dead Yet that he is the most dangerous man on earth.

Singer justifies killing people based on utilitarianism. He believes that eliminatng humans with cognitive disabilities will lead to a great level of overall happiness.

Singer's philosophy is anti-human because the characteristics that make us truly human include human equality, caring for others and respecting human diversity. 

Every human should have an equal right to live because they are a member of the human family. When we denigrate and kill people with disabilities, babies requiring treatment and care and the elderly needing care and respect people do not become happier but rather people become cold, calculating killers.

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John L Guth said...

Thank you for your article, may I publish it in our local Christian newspaper, The Ambassador, in Yuba City, California?
John Guth

John L Guth said...

Thank you for your article. May I republish it in our local Christian newspaper, the ambassador? John L Guth

Alex Schadenberg said...

You may publish any article so long as you give credit to the author and publisher.