Friday, October 15, 2021

The Delta Hospice Society needs you to become a member.

In February, the BC Ministry of Health defunded the Delta Hospice Society (DHS) because they refused to participate in euthanasia (Link).

On October 1, the DHS had a special meeting where 67% of their members voted to enable the DHS to hold a virtual AGM. (Link).

With the passing of the resolution the euthanasia lobby has renewed their effort to sell memberships to take-over and shut down the DHS.

Angelina Ireland sent the following message urging you to become a DHS member. Become a member of the Delta Hospice Society. (Link).


Angelina Ireland
Dear Friend,

There’s a quote I love from Mike Krzyewski:

“Two are better than one if two act as one.”
Not only is there wisdom in this, but there is potential for great breakthroughs — if we all work together.

Do you have friends or family that are passionate in standing up for what’s right? Do you know of anyone who is directly affected by the use of MAiD in palliative care? You’re not alone.

I want to encourage you today to reach out to those around you and invite others to apply for membership with us. If your friends and family apply before October 22, they will be able to vote in our upcoming AGM and speak out against euthanasia in palliative care.

Please help us spread the word NOW — that new members are needed before the critical AGM is called in a few weeks.

The deadline to join as a NEW MEMBER is October 22. It’s only $10 -- your vote matters! Become a member of the Delta Hospice Society. (Link).

Thank you for your support of Delta Hospice Society. 

Our most vulnerable say “thanks”. 


Hospice Sanctuary