Monday, October 25, 2021

Netherlands assisted suicide group member admits to breaking the law in at least 100 suicides.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Ximena Knol died in Feb 2018
after ingesting a suicide powder.
Wim van Dijk, a member of the Coöperatie Laatste Wil (Final Wish Cooperative), an assisted suicide lobby group in the Netherlands, admitted in an interview that has been involved with more than 100 suicide deaths. van Dijk also admits that he has broken his actions are against the law but he doesn't care.

An article by Pim Dikkers that was published by states (google translated):
Van Dijk said in an extensive interview in the Volkskrant this Saturday. “I am a provider. I have provided Substance X to more than 100 people,"

Van Dijk said in VK that he is 'aware of the consequences' of his story... I do not care."
Euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands when approved under the law but assisting a suicide is illegal. Article 294, paragraph 2 states:
“Anyone who intentionally assists another person in suicide or provides him with the means to do so, shall, if the suicide follows, be punished with a term of imprisonment not exceeding three years or a fine of the fourth category.”
Jos Van Dijk
Van Dijk, who was recently arrested, is turning his arrest into a political campaign. Dikkers writes:
In the interview with de Volkskrant, Van Dijk goes one step further. He says, among other things: ...I now openly say here: I did this. And I want to call on other providers to do the same. I want the social unrest to become so great that the judiciary can no longer ignore it. (...) I don't care if they put me in jail.
In July the NL Times reported that a 28 year old Netherlands man known as "Alex S" was charged with assisting multiple suicides with a lethal powder. Van Dijk may be connected to Alex S.

Recently I published an article by Randy Knol, the father of Ximena, the 19-year-old who died in February 2018 by ingesting a suicide powder. For the past three years Randy has been working to get "Substance X" banned.

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Anonymous said...

Again how sad that someone would help murder someone and there would be no consequences for their actions and they could boast about it.It shows us warped how mans thinking has become that rather than put their energy into saving that person or helping them fine new meaning for life they gleeful boast that they are breaking the law and murdering them .What evil thoughts do they spend three time thinking.My prayer is this man finds Christ and turns back to God.The best friend anyone can have is Jesus Christ Hecis God’s Son and He loves you He makes life worth living.We just had a friend who went through years of feeling like her life didn’t have meaning but we didn’t give up today she is still alive restored to her family laughing again seeing life anew she just told me she felt the peace of God around her.I pray that everyone who comes across this mans path including Him would turn to God He will put new meaning in your life.You are made in the image of God you are valuable you do not belong in the dust heap.Heaven was made for you but don’t go before your time reach out and help others live put your energy into improving others lives not into murdering others and then boasting about it you committed an atrocity not something noble you were created for greatness not evil .God loves each of us don’t miss so great a salvation call on Him He will answer you be healed in Jesus’s name walk tall rise up and use your life to bring life to others not destroy it that is my prayer blessing Marlyen