Monday, December 30, 2019

2019: 25 important articles on euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Fatal Flaws film will change the way you view assisted death. (Link)

Donation to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. (Link)

● Jan 11: Canadian woman seeks euthanasia from pelvic mesh pain. (Link)

● Jan 14: Why euthanasia is unethical. (Link)

● Jan 22: Canada's new Justice Minister is radically pro-euthanasia. (Link)

● March 13: New Mexico assisted suicide bill was stopped. (Link)

● March 21: Canada euthanasia deaths increase by more than 50% in 2018. (Link)

● March 27: Terrible decision by Ontario court in food and fluids case. (Link)

● April 13: UN disability rights envoy urges changes to Canada's euthanasia law. (Link)

● April 29: Health Canada publishes inaccurate & incomplete data on euthanasia in Canada. (Link)

● May 15: Ontario Court of Appeal upholds lower court decision forcing doctors to refer patients to their death. (Link)

● June 10: American Medical Association overwhelmingly upholds its opposition to assisted suicide. (Link)

● June 21: Disabled man felt pressured to "ask" for euthanasia. (Link)

● July 1: Vincent Lambert ordered to die by France's highest appeal court. (Link)

● Aug 7: Euthanasia doctor cleared of wrong-doing after sneaking into Jewish care home to euthanize resident. (Link)

● Aug 15: Father with ALS Euthanized after being denied care in Canada. (Link)

● Sept 21: Quebec court expands Canada's euthanasia law by striking the terminal illness requirement. Euthanasia for psychological reasons is next. (Link)

● Sept 24: St. Martha's Catholic hospital will not provide euthanasia on-site. (Link)

● Sept 25: Physically healthy depressed man (Alan Nichols) died by euthanasia in BC. (Link)

● Oct 14: Physically healthy 23-year-old Belgian woman is being considered for euthanasia. (Link)

● Oct 18: Swiss doctor found guilty in the assisted suicide death of a woman who was not sick. (Link)

● Oct 26: World Medical Association re-affirms its opposition to euthanasia and assisted suicide. (Link)

● Nov 5: Man says that psychologist urged him to kill his wife. (Link)

● Nov 20: Canadian Prime Minister's First Priority: More Euthanasia. (Link)

● Nov 23: Ontario Doctor experiences abuse with MAiD (euthanasia) law. (Link)

● Dec 12: BC Health Minister says he will force the Delta Hospice to kill. (Link

● Dec 17: Canada's Justice Minister considers expanding euthanasia to include teenagers and incompetent people. (Link)

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