Tuesday, September 24, 2019

St. Martha's Catholic hospital will not provide euthanasia on-site.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Last week I wrote that a campaign by Jocelyn Downie, the academic euthanasia activist at Dalhousie University, has resulted in St. Martha's hospital in Antigonish NS being forced to provide MAiD (euthanasia) within the Catholic hospital.
Catholic hospital is forced to provide MAiD (euthanasia) in Nova Scotia (Link).
Yesterday I received the press release from St Martha's hospital explaining that MAiD (better known as euthanasia) will not be provided by St. Martha's hospital but at the Antigonish Health and Wellness Centre.

The Sisters of St. Martha, state in their media release:

...The Nova Scotia Health Authority has assured us that Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) will not take place in St. Martha's Regional Hospital.
We do not own St. Martha's Regional Hospital or the building called the Antigonish Health and Wellness Centre.
We continue to uphold the Mission and Values of St. Martha's Regional Hospital for quality compassionate health care. ...
Therefore Downie has not achieved her goal of imposing euthanasia (MAiD) upon a Catholic hospital. Downie will continue to pressure religiously affiliated healthcare institutions to provide euthanasia. Downie stated in The Global News article from last week:
“Governments and health authorities have failed to insist that faith-influenced, publicly funded institutions permit MAiD within their walls,” she said. 
The battle has only just begun.

Downie began her campaign, in December 2018, to force St Martha's hospital into doing euthanasia with an article in the Chronicle Herald.

In late December, Canada's national broadcaster, CBC news, featured a program designed to pressure St Martha's hospital to euthanize their patients.

The most recent news articles confirm what I originally stated, that Downie targeted St. Martha's hospital as a first step in a campaign to force all religiously affiliated health care institutions into participating in MAiD.

The euthanasia lobby will continue to pressure religiously based healthcare institutions to provide euthanasia on their premises. Religiously based medical institutions must continue to say NO.

I urge religiously based healthcare institutions to maintain their ethics and refuse to provide euthanasia.


geardoid said...

It will be bad enough and a cave-in if St. Martha's and any other Christian health-care providers refer anyone to euthanasia-providers, even off-campus. Is there any information in the press release or other sources that St.Martha's will not do that?

Nora Patterson said...

Pleasa keep fighting the diabolical aims of those in society who not only mock God's laws themselves "THOU SHALT NOT KILL!" but seek to justify their aims by forcing them upon devout followers of CHRIST THE KING!

Katedee said...

It seems to me that anyone who pushes such an agenda on institutions that they nor anyone else is forced to go to should be questioned by everyone as to their right to force a belief on others. As people demand everyone do their will which eliminates free will then all may well be put on notice that if not today than tomorrow you will no longer have the right to disagree or live your life in accordance with your conscience. God has to be eliminated by those who "will not serve" regardless that they are allowed to not serve as is their will and right.