Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Propaganda promoting "assisted death" euthanasia.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Australia is experiencing the promotion of euthanasia in a similar manner that Canada experienced death promotion before and after death by lethal injection (euthanasia) was legalized.

The first "assisted death" in Victoria Australia is being promoted. The death of Kerry Robertson (61) who was living with metastatic breast cancer is being promoted as the "perfect death" and Victoria's Health Minister called it an "historic moment."

The UK is also experiencing a steady stream of stories promoting the legalization of assisted suicide and the Dignitas assisted suicide clinic business in Switzerland. 

Janet Hughes, with Gloucestershirelive published a story  about a 72 year-old British man who died by assisted suicide in Switzerland. Hughes story is raw propaganda designed to promote assisted suicide and undermine the opposing arguments.

Another UK story is of a man who received a £10,000 donation to enable him to go to the Dignitas death clinic in Switzerland. Now he has time to enjoy his family and his hobbies before his scheduled death on September 6.

Canada was inundated with stories before and after the legalization of euthanasia, 
of people who "should" die by euthanasia. These stories were designed to promote and normalize death by lethal injection.

Promoting "assisted death" has two effects:

The first effect is to break down the resistance to the concept of killing people by euthanasia, which leads to the second part of the first effect, social acceptance.

The second effect is the increase in requests. This effect is not based on social acceptance, per se, but more so the fact that the euthanasia promotion stories emphasize avoiding the "inevitable" suffering that the person will experience, if they didn't die by euthanasia and the supposed "perfect death" as referenced in the Australian article.

Many people are asking why the number of Canadians who die by euthanasia has grown so fast? My response is that Canada was inundated with stories promoting euthanasia which caused a quick social acceptance of legal medical killing and it resulted many people to requesting death.

Euthanasia propaganda stories are also designed to create a fear of suffering. Nobody wants to suffer and these stories suggest that legalizing euthanasia is the only way to prevent suffering.

Pro-euthanasia people like to attack people, like myself, who oppose medical killing, as somehow wanting others to suffer. These accusations couldn't be further from reality but this is an effective propaganda ploy to promote the idea that euthanasia prevents suffering.

A society that upholds dignity, equality and caring does not evolve from a culture that promotes killing but rather it comes from a culture of caring. 

Caring not killing is not a slogan but a societal necessity to ensure true dignity and equality for every human person.

Once society accepts medical killing, the only questions that remains is who should be killed and for what reason?

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