Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Australian euthanasia promoter, Philip Nitschke, challenged by woman whose father died after receiving suicide advice.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

As reported by Gary Adshead with News9.com.au, a woman, whose father died by suicide after being assisted Dr Philip Nitschke, challenged Nitschke at a pro-euthanasia Exit meeting.

Adshead reported that a woman named Candice confronted Nitschke, during the pro-euthanasia meeting stating:

"There are young people who have died, people with depression," she argued back. "It's wrong, it's totally irresponsible, he's a doctor, it's wrong."
Candice continued:
"Apologise for what happened to my father,"

"The information you put out kills people who are not in a rational state of mind to make that decision."
Candice then spoke to the media afterwards and stated:
her father was in his 60s when he took his life two years ago, after seeking advice from Mr Nitschke's Exit International group that advocates legalising voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide. 
She said her father was suffering from depression, but he had no terminal illness.
Nitschke has been involved with many controversial suicide deaths. Nitschke lost his medical license in 2015 for his involvement in several controversial suicide deaths.


Anonymous said...

well done Candice

Alan Anderson said...

Nice work Candice. Don't let this doctor of death off the hook. I don't know what country you come from. I'm in Canada and I'm ashamed of how our Medical Assistance in Dying law is too readily available. I hoped with this now in place our country would also see a need for a better palliative care system in place. So far this has nor happened.

Thank you for speaking out for your father and how depressed people can be taken advantage of.
Thank you,
Alan Anderson

Margaret said...

You said it all, Candice! You speak on behalf of so many.

mellie said...

No one has as yet said the obvious: that using flowery language to describe these actions is purely and simply murder, no matter what the person "wants" or is subjected to.

Anonymous said...

Mellie; I am in complete agreement with your summation that euthanasia is murder and using a euphemism to describe it does not change what has actually taken place. It is my belief that there is a judgement day and there will be a reckoning.

Unknown said...

Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec vous concernant ce qui se passe dans notre pays, le Canada. Ils y a des gens extraordinaires qui travaillent en soins palliatifs; ces maisons de soins ont besoins de fonds, de se multiplier. Cela aurait dû être parmi les priorités de notre gouvernement. Mourir n'est pas un droit mais une tragédie.

Josée Nantel

Michael Balaski said...

This reminds me of the comment that even Satan can quote scripture.

Anonymous said...

Merci Josee!

Maureen Tallon

24AheadDotCom said...

As reality* shows, throwing tantrums at leaders doesn't work. It puts the ranters in the position of children begging adults to do something. Once again: endless examples show it does not work.

The smart alternative is to engage leaders as peers by asking them tough Socratic questions (like a lawyer would in a courtroom).

Some will reflexively reject that, so list all the cases where throwing tantrums has worked in the adult world.

* A few years ago, that's exactly how California's euthanasia law was opposed: tantrums (plus waving signs). The opposition failed miserably. I had a site encouraging people to ask tough questions but couldn't get anyone to help with it. They lost doing things the childish way.