Thursday, October 11, 2018

Canadian Association of Retired Persons is pressuring governments to force medical institutions to kill.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) released its policy platform for the 2019 Federal election. 

CARP is focusing on 19 areas for action including pressuring the government to force every medical institution that receives government funding to provide euthanasia, also known as Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD).

The CARP "Exceptional Health Care" policy includes to:  Make Accessible End-of-Life Care a Right (page 21 of the platform). 

This platform statement first demands palliative care for everyone:
Make access to palliative care a right so that all Canadians can access it regardless of where they live or receive care, including rural, remote and indigenous communities.
The platform then demands that all publicly funded medical institutions provide euthanasia:
Ensure access to medical assistance in dying (euthanasia) is provided at publicly-funded institutions and available to Canadians regardless of where they live or receive care.
By demanding that every funded medical institution provide euthanasia they are then demanding that every religiously affiliated, every palliative care and every long-term care medical institution provide euthanasia.

Promoting euthanasia is not new for CARP.

Wanda Morris
CARP officially became a pro-euthanasia advocacy group in January 2016 when CARP fired Susan Eng, the long-time Executive VP of CARP. Moses Znaimer, the President of CARP, disagreed with Eng's neutral position on euthanasia. Znaimer then hired Wanda Morris, the CEO of the euthanasia lobby group - Dying with Dignity to replace Eng.

In July 2018, Wanda Morris, the current Executive VP of CARP, published an article attacking palliative care institutions and services refusing to provide euthanasia. Morris argued that euthanasia respects the Hippocratic tradition and argued that refusing to do euthanasia causes harm to patients.


Mary said...

Who is surprised by this stand by Moses Znaimer. He has espoused many things like 'friends with benefits', a trend which has seen sexually transmitted infections to soar amongst seniors.

Shucky said...

The problem is now it seems to be for compassionate reasons, but later it will be for monetary reasons. Already people are being urged to end their lives medically in southern Ontario, though covertly.