Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ontario family is asking for more time to prove that their daughter is alive.

Taquisha McKitty's parents
Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Taquisha McKitty (27) of Brampton Ontario was declared brain dead on September 20 after having a cardiac arrest on September 14 related to a drug overdose. Her parents immediately sought a court injunction to prevent the William Osler Health System in Brampton from removing her life-support.

On September 28 Ontario Superior Court Justice Lucille Shaw granted an injunction in order to allow Taquisha to be evaluated by another doctor.

Hugh Scher
On October 17, Hugh Scher, the lawyer for Taquisha's family, asked the court for more time for medical tests to prove that Taquisha is alive. Paola Loriggio, reporting for 
The Canadian Press wrote:
Scher says McKitty's family believes she is still showing signs of life. 
The family wants the death certificate revoked and obtained a temporary injunction from the court late last month to keep her on the respirator while its legal challenge continues. 
Court heard Tuesday that a series of tests has been conducted but McKitty's family is asking for at least one more to be performed, which would require the court to extend the injunction. 
The test would involve filming McKitty for 72 hours to capture her movements and better assess whether they represent a sign of consciousness or simply a reflex, Scher said.
Lawyers for the doctors are trying to dismiss Dr Paul Byrne, an American expert physician, who contends that McKitty is alive. Paola Loriggio wrote:
Lawyers for McKitty's doctor are taking issue with the family's expert witness, an American doctor who told the court Tuesday he does not believe lack of brain function is enough to declare someone dead.
Hugh Scher is a successful Toronto lawyer who has helped several patients and families experiencing difficult healthcare decisions.

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Maureen said...

Dr Byrne is an expert on brain death!!! I pray that this young woman will be given every chance to recover!!!