Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fatal Flaws Film: The Candice Lewis interview. Candice was pressured to die by assisted death.

By Kevin Dunn
Director of the film Fatal Flaws

Wherever you stand on the issue, it’s impossible to ignore the cultural shift in attitude towards euthanasia and assisted suicide. What was once considered murder under the law is now being accepted as medical ‘treatment’ in many countries. However, even the most ardent promoters of these laws are now saying the ‘genie is out of the bottle’ and are severely questioning where these laws have taken society.

In this first sneak preview, we travelled to St. Anthony, Newfoundland, Canada to interview 25 year old Candice Lewis and her mother Sheila Elson. Here they tell me how, during an emergency hospital stay, doctors pressured Candice into an assisted death. One year later, Candice – who lives with Cerebral Palsy – is back doing what she loves most, painting and being with her family.
We’ve all heard the tragic and much publicized stories of people who died by an assisted death. Tragic indeed. However, Fatal Flaws will focus on stories seldom heard in mainstream media: testimonies from those whose lives have been dramatically affected by a culture that sees ‘killing’ as a form of ‘caring.’ To be clear, the pro-euthanasia lobby cringes when I use words like ‘murder’ or ‘killing’ in my interviews. One group asked me not to use the term ‘assisted suicide’ as it might offend. One national broadcaster didn’t want me using the term ‘euthanasia’. However, I prefer to stay away from euphemisms when dealing with such important issues as life and death. Especially after hearing stories such as Candice’s.


Anonymous said...

This is a powerful story & I hope it does spare another family the heartbreak that this one has endured. May God bless this mother & her sweet child!

Unknown said...

I thank you Candace and Sheila for your courageous fight in bringing forward your truth. It is very hard to speak out truth to power. Thank you for saying what happened to you so others will know about their rights.

Katedee said...

Dear Candace and Sheila you are very important as you are. You are loved as you love.
When will everyone wake-up and see that this is not about caring but about getting rid of what some believe don't deserve to be here and don't believe that all people have worth because they are human. The pressure these people put upon the one suffering and the family is shear hate. Please keep up the fight to show what this is all about which is to pick and chose who have value.

colleen10001 said...

thank you...will share. beyond wrong

Unknown said...

It's only a step behind Hitler.

aardvark said...

LACK of appropriate pain medication is subtly - or NOT so subtly - pushing people to suicide. If they can’t get rid of us one way, they’ll try another. I am only 61 years old and free of chronic diseases; my only problems are arthritis and a very bad back. Surgery is not an option I have so much to offer to myself, to my family, and to society, but the options are being denied me.