Friday, September 29, 2017

Resolution opposing assisted suicide to be debated in US Congress.

By Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The Washington Times published an excellent article about the press conference organized by Rep Brad Wenstrup (Ohio) and the National Alliance Against Legalizing Assisted Suicide announcing the introduction of Resolution 80 opposing assisted suicide. According to the Washington Times Wenstrup stated:
“My feeling is when the government supports, encourages or facilitates suicide, whether assisted by physicians or otherwise, we devalue our fellow citizens, our fellow human beings,” Mr. Wenstrup said during the press conference at the Longworth House Office Building. “I don’t believe that’s who we should be.”
Dozens of disability rights leaders attended the press conference. 

Anita Cameron, the minority outreach director for the disability rights group Not Dead Yet was reportedly stated:
Anita Cameron, minority outreach director for Not Dead Yet, said she has been protesting efforts to repeal Obamacare over the past few days. She said physician-assisted suicide laws only exacerbate the problems with the health care system. 
“That kind of ties in with assisted suicide because if you’re taking away health care from people, it’s just that much easier, if assisted suicide also passed, it’s that much easier to recommend prescribed suicide pills for people,” Ms. Cameron said. “And that’s something we don’t want.”
J.J. and Kristen Hanson
Statements on behalf of J.J. Hanson, the President of the Patients Rights Action Fund, were read by his wife Kristen. Hanson has been affected by recent seizures, Hanson stated:

If assisted suicide had been available at the time of his diagnosis, he would have been tempted to end his life, especially during a bout of depression. 
“As I wondered, ‘Am I too much of a burden to my family?’ When I asked, ‘Is ending my life easier than this?’ I thought about it, and I considered it,” said Mrs. Hanson, reading for her husband. “Thankfully, I did not end my life, and that is why I am here today.”


David Macko said...

The term assisted suicide is a contradiction. If it is assisted it is homicide. To the extent that it is a government issue it should be handled by the states since the Constitution does not authorize the fedgov to legislate regarding that issue.
Fortunately, I am a Christian I would be sorely tempted to encourage some congressmen to study the issue by personal experience.

editor said...

Yes it does.
1. Washington DC currently allows assisted suicide, and the Constitution give congress authority over all affairs in DC
2. Assuming you think all anti drug laws, and the FDA and numerous other similar laws that are constitutional based on the current official interpretation of the interstate commerce clause, then congress can ban all "drugs" being used by a doctor to assist someone commit "suicide", this would apply in all states and make assisted suicide a federal crime.