Friday, September 15, 2017

Candice Lewis was pressured to die by euthanasia in Canada.

This article was originally published by OneNewsNow.

A case in Canada demonstrates that people who are seriously ill or disabled need to be accommodated, and doing that does not include a lethal injection.

Candice Lewis
Candice Lewis, who was born with multiple disabilities, lives in a small Newfoundland community. When she was hospitalized last year, two doctors pressured her to agree to be euthanized and strongly suggested it to her mother.

"It was obvious she was going through conditions, ..., which may have been very, very great," explains Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC). "But the fact is that there was no request for euthanasia, and as you know, in Canada euthanasia is legal now. There was no request, there was no desire for this, but there was pressure from the doctors."
Lewis was ultimately transferred to another hospital where doctors found the problem was simply a need to adjust her medication. She is now doing better than ever and recently participated in her sister's wedding.

As for euthanasia, Schadenberg says proponents claim it is all about personal choice, but that is a big lie.

"That's one of the big cultural lies that they sell us because, in fact, what it is is that it gives the doctor the right in law to cause your death. And once the doctor has that power, you have to understand that goes along with their own attitudes, their own levels of discrimination, their own feelings," the EPC executive points out. "Obviously the doctors were saying, 'I wouldn't want to live like you, Candice.'"
Yet Candice wants to live, and her family does not want to be deprived of the joy she bring them.

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