Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Groups opposing euthanasia warn Canadian government.

On April 11, 2016; Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, and Aubert Martin executive director of Living with Dignity Québec, held a press conference in Ottawa to warn the federal government about abuse of the law before it introduces euthanasia legislation. QMI reported on the press conference by publishing an article by Guillaume St-Pierre.
Aubert Martin & Alex Schadenberg 
The Quebec organization, Living with Dignity, warned the federal government, which is preparing to introduce a bill on medical help to die, against possible abuses. 
"After only four months since the start of the law that legalized euthanasia in Quebec, we are already witnessing the first slip," said the CEO of the organization during a press briefing in Ottawa on Monday, Aubert Martin. 
In early March, the Collège des médecins du Québec (CMQ) had to issue an opinion in which he reminded members that attempted suicide is not a refusal of treatment. 
The warning served to rein in doctors who chose not to resuscitate patients who have tried to kill themselves by poisoning when they came to the emergency. 
This example demonstrates, according to Mr Martin, that the health system needs to "relieve, not kill." 
"From the beginning the play on words, calling medical assistance to die that is actually human euthanasia," he added. 
The Trudeau government is drafting future legislation governing medical help to die for people with severe and irreversible diseases. 
Parliament has until June 6 to pass the legislation giving effect to a judgment of the Supreme Court, which invalidated sections of the Criminal Code prohibiting euthanasia. 
However, the Quebec organization to live in dignity continues to oppose any form of supervision of what he still considers to be a "homicide". 
"We're talking about a law that will allow in certain circumstances, another person to kill or help to someone to kill oneself. Instead of promoting assisted suicide, the provincial and federal governments should work to improve palliative care," insisted Mr. Martin.
We expect that the euthanasia legislation will be introduced next week.

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Jule Koch said...

In one year we went from only competent adults being eligible for mercy killing to minors and people with dementia being "eligible". Just as the EPC and others warned would happen.
Slippery slope? We slid like greased lightning