Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dutch doctors have the right to refuse to participate in euthanasia

By Alex Schadenberg
International Chair - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The Dutch Medical Federation (KNMG) has affirmed the conscience rights of doctors to refuse to participate in euthanasia. The DutchNews.NL reported:
Dutch doctors must retain the right to refuse to help their patients to die, the doctors’ federation KNMG has told the NRC. While most doctors back euthanasia, or assisted dying, they should never be compelled to cooperate, Rutger Jan van der Gaag is quoted as saying. Euthanasia should not be something that can be forced on doctors, he said. 
‘The doctor is currently an important safety catch who makes sure that reasonable alternatives [to euthanasia] are not ignored and that the drugs are not misused,’ Van der Gaag told the NRC.
Update: Ontario court decision forces doctors to refer their patients to death.

Québec doctors have been told that they must refer their patient to die by euthanasia, even if they oppose euthanasia. The Physicians Alliance Against Euthanasia are fighting this decree.

Doctors in Ontario have also been told that they will have to refer their patients to death. Medical groups in Canada need to recognize that the Netherlands is not forcing doctors to kill, why are conscience rights in Canada not also being respected?

Protect physicians conscience rights in Canada at: http://www.canadiansforconscience.ca/

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