Thursday, May 8, 2014

Veterinary euthanasia drugs stolen.

An article in the Geelong Advertiser in Australia is reporting that veterinary euthanasia drugs were stolen from the home of a semi-retired veterinarian in Victoria Australia. The article reported:
Police said veterinarian drugs had been taken and would be fatal if digested. 
Owner Graham, whose surname has been withheld, said he returned home with his wife to find the front door wide open. 
The discovery left him feeling sick, he said. 
“They left the iPads and things behind but took a bit of jewellery and odd bits. The most concerning was euthanasia drugs which we use for putting down animals.”
It is evident from the report, that the purpose for the break and enter was to steel euthanasia drugs. This is one of many reports concerning stolen euthanasia drugs.

Veterinarians will need to increase the security for their euthanasia drugs, since several euthanasia movement leaders have been encouraging the use of veterinary euthanasia drugs.

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