Friday, May 16, 2014

Jane Campbell, an influential British politician and disability rights leader, speaks out against assisted suicide.

Baroness Jane Campbell
Baroness Jane Campbell, a respected member of the British House of Lords and a disability rights leader, recently spoke against assisted suicide in response to two British entertainers who spoke about their 'suicide pact.'

Campbell, who was the commissioner of the Equality and Human Rights Committee from 2006 - 2008 told the Daily Mail:
the couple’s decision was ‘entirely their own matter’, she added: ‘When it becomes problematic is because they have a very prominent influence on people. 
‘They have a massive following but what they’re not doing is thinking about how their decisions may impact upon other people and the adverse effect this could have on people. 
‘They have a very influential voice and the people who will suffer will be those who are vulnerable to influence and coercion.
Dr Peter Saunders
Dr Peter Saunders of Care Not Killing responded to the suicide pact by stating:
the revolver comment amounted to a breach of World Health Organisation guidelines about the discussion of suicide in the public sphere. 
The guidelines, which are intended to protect the vulnerable, state that celebrity endorsement is to be avoided and methods should not be discussed.
The World Health Organisation published guidelines to prevent vulnerable people from acting on the suggestion of others and to prevent a suicide contagion.

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