Friday, July 12, 2013

Swiss assisted suicide clinic kills an Italian man with a wrong diagnosis.

Pietro D'Amico
The Dignitas suicide clinic in Basel Switzerland assisted the suicide death of Pietro D’Amico, a 62-year-old magistrate from Calabria in southern Italy, in April, 2013 after D'Amico received a wrong diagnosis.

Assisted suicide and euthanasia must be prohibited. The decision of one person to end the life of another person is irrevocable. People who are not terminal or living with depression, cannot be treated for their condition once they are dead.

Dignitas is a suicide clinic that is operated by Ludwig Minella, a retired lawyer. Dignitas is known for encouraging the suicide deaths of foreign "suicide tourists" for a fee.

An article that was published in Switzerland's english news service, The Local, stated:
The father-of-one took the decision after a wrong diagnosis from Italian and Swiss doctors, his family's lawyer Michele Roccisano told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. 
An autopsy carried out by the University of Basel’s Institute of Forensic Medicine found that D’Amico was not suffering from a life-threatening illness at the time of his death. 
Roccisano has called on the Italian and Swiss authorities to examine D’Amico’s medical records to determine what went wrong.
Dignitas has also been connected to other controversies: 
5. Former Dignitas employee, Soraya Wernli, spoke about the many abuses at the Dignitas suicide clinic.


Lily said...

How sad. It goes to show though that assisted suicide is more about fear than pain and suffering.

anna said...

Fear and Greed, that's what this is based on, a little like most everything in this world!

George said...

@ Lily and Anna - Concise and in my view 100% correct.

Unknown said...

I would like to see this in more places, Do you have to prove to these places that you are terminally ill?

mahrt said...

This is an issue similar to the use of pharmacological preparations for the execution of the death penalty, and of abortion; these are not health care.