Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Zealand Euthanasia lobby will decide if euthanasia bill is delayed until after the election.

The New Zealand Herald newspaper reported in an article titled: Euthanasia bill under party pressure, that Labour MP Maryan Street is under pressure to drop her member's bill which would legalise euthanasia because her party is concerned it could be a negative distraction in the lead-up to the general election next year. 
The New Zealand Labour party is reported to be concerned that the euthanasia issue will become an electoral distraction in the 2014 election. Street may not agree with her party. She stated:
"that it would be a distraction for all parties, and the debate would affect not just Labour."
Ms. Street & Alex Schadenberg
Street indicated that she would first consult the pro-euthanasia group: End of Life Choice, which had asked her to draft the bill. The article stated:
A spokeswoman for the group, Yvonne Shaw, said the organisation had been lobbying for a change for 30 years and public support was now overwhelming for a law change. 
Another lobby group, Exit International, said that if the bill were withdrawn it would be a setback for legal, voluntary euthanasia in this country.
Members bills in New Zealand are drawn out, rather than being brought forward in "order of precedence." Therefore Street's bill may or may not be drawn out before the next election. The article stated:
At present, there are 69 members' bills in the ballot. Nine members' bills were still waiting for a first reading, so another ballot was unlikely to be held until the end of the year. 
The last attempt to legalise euthanasia, the Death with Dignity Bill, was narrowly voted down by 60 votes to 58 votes in 2003.
Euthanasia Debate
The euthanasia lobby in New Zealand have control over Ms. Street's political decision making. I wonder what they have done to make her more loyal to them than her party?
I debated Ms Street last year on national television in New Zealand. 
Street promoted euthanasia without the understanding that legalizing euthanasia will have consequences.
Link to the televised New Zealand debate. Q + A TV program.
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