Friday, October 19, 2012

Kennedy opposes Question 2 (assisted suicide) in Massachusetts

A popular blog in Massachusetts is reporting that Joe Kennedy III has stated that he will be voting against ballot Question 2 (assisted suicide) during the November 6 election.
mcsull   |   Thu, Oct 18, 2012 3:58 PM ESTAs someone who lives in the 4th Congressional District and also has been working hard with the campaign to defeat Question 2, I’ve been watching the Kennedy/Bielat race closely. I haven’t been able to watch all of their debates, but I am extremely encouraged to hear that Joe Kennedy III is opposed to physician assisted suicide, and that both he and Sean Bielat plan to vote against Question 2. 
From my experience talking to people across the state about this very personal issue, there isn’t a clear divide between how the different parties view this issue. The more people learn about Question 2, the more they begin to oppose the ballot question. This ballot is critically flawed and no matter your political persuasion or your initial reaction to the idea of physician assisted suicide, you should learn the details of Question 2 before you make up your mind. 
I believe once you find out what’s not in the ballot language, you will join me, Joe Kennedy III and Sean Bielat in voting no on Question 2. 
Here are some of the critical flaws in the ballot language. 
* Question 2 applies to patients who have received a terminal diagnosis and a prognosis of six months or less to live. Doctors agree that a six-month prognosis for a terminal illness can be wildly inaccurate.
* Question 2 does not require a patient to consult with a psychiatrist before receiving a prescription to commit suicide and many terminally ill patients have depression.
* Question 2 does not require a consultation with a palliative care or hospice expert.
* No physician is present when the patient takes the lethal prescription.
* There is no requirement to notify family members.
Lets hope that enough people from all political ideologies will vote, on November 6, against assisted suicide in Massachusetts.

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