Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Disability leader speaks out against ballot Question 2 (assisted suicide) in Massachusetts.

John Kelly & Amy Hasbrouck.

John Kelly, the leader of the disability rights group, Second Thoughts, has released a video on why they oppose Question 2 (assisted suicide) on the Massachusetts ballot during the November 6 election. Link to the video.

Second Thoughts is a group of Massachusetts residents with disabilities who oppose Question 2 on the 2012 state ballot, which would legalize assisted suicide.

Kelly responds to three main themes concerning Question 2 in the two minute video:
1. How would assisted suicide effect Treatment decisions in Massachusetts?
2. How would assisted suicide effect the State involvement in medical decisions?
3. Would assisted suicide create greater choices for people in Massachusetts?

On October 18 2012, John Kelly was also featured on the NECN TV news morning show. Link to the broadcast. 

Vote No on question 2 (assisted suicide) on November 6.

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