Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I do not publish comments from Anonymous people (editorial policy).

Yesterday I published an article concerning the recently released Netherlands 2011 euthanasia statistics. There was a huge response to the article with thousands of people viewing the article and several people leaving comments. I could only publish one of the comments because the authors of the other comments remained Anonymous. 

The euthanasia lobby probably thinks that I do not publish their comments, but in fact, almost every comment by members of the euthanasia lobby have been Anonymous. In the same way, yesterday, many positive and supportive comments were made by Anonymous commentators that were not published.

A long time ago, I established an editorial policy that I would not publish comments from people who remained Anonymous. 

I made this decision because there were many destructive comments from people who were attacking others, or attacking me, without the attacker willing to put their name to their comments.

I have also received many good instructive comments from people who I have not published because they remained Anonymous.

Whether the comment is instructive or destructive, I do not publish Anonymous comments. This is the only fair way to handle this problem.

Therefore if you want your comment published on this blog, please post your name with the comment.

Link to my previous comments on not posting Anonymous comments.

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