Sunday, September 9, 2012

Daily Mail commentator tells us more about Anna Soubry, Britains newest junior health minister.

Anna Soubry
Daily Mail commentator, Melanie Phillips, wrote an incredibly insightful article about Anna Soubry, Britain's new junior health minister that is entitled: She's foul-mouthed and attention-seeking, but it's the new Health Minister's views on assisted suicide that are truly disturbing that was published in the UK Daily Mail today.

In the article Phillips points out that Soubry supports Cannabis, she likes to drink alot, she is "foul mouthed", and among many other things, she has admitted to flirting with a member of parliament from the other-side of the political spectrum.

Concerning the issue of assisted suicide, Phillips wrote:

Assisted suicide is deeply problematic because it opens up the near-certainty of abuse. 
That’s why Parliament has debated and dismissed it. 
Of course people are terrified of being trapped inside a useless body or suffering from a dreadful terminal disease. But no one has the right to expect another person to help someone kill themself. 
Suicide is not dying, and assisted suicide is not ‘helping someone to die’. It is assisting self-killing. 
The current law is necessarily nuanced and humane. It makes assisted suicide illegal because of the overwhelming necessity to protect vulnerable people from being put under pressure to end their lives. 
At the same time, as the Director of  Public Prosecutions has made clear, the law is not used to criminalise those who through wholly compassionate and disinterested motives assist people to kill themselves. 
Legalising assisted suicide would end such protection and turn doctors into death-dealers. Death can never be a therapeutic procedure. It can never be in society’s interests that medicine should be turned into a death service.

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