Saturday, July 14, 2012

A letter from Sherri - Thank you for trying to protect my life.

Today I received the following email from a woman named Sherri.  I listen to Sherri's comments and I share her concerns. She lives a very different life than the average Canadian. She experiences discrimination and she has experienced the negative and abusive attitudes from her family.

Legalizing euthanasia or assisted suicide would directly threaten the lives of people with disabilities, people who live with conditions that others consider not worthy of life.
My name is Sherri, I am 32 years old and require a wheelchair. I want to thank you for trying to protect my right to live! I have read of more cases in both the U.S and Netherlands where innocent people have been murdered under "assisted suicide" or euthanasia laws and it terrifies me to the core that once again there is fight to legalize this here in Canada. As a person with disabilities I struggle with the lack of accessibility and discrimination but I do love life and want nothing more than to live. A law like this is scarey and if it passes I don't think I could seek any further medical care. I have an abusive family who would love to take advantage of such a law. Thank you again for trying to protect my right to live! 


vtdelacy said...

I agree with Sherri completely. Here in America the latest glaring assault upon our right to life has been Obamacare which hopefully a President Romney will promptly repeal. Even before that, however, we had cases like those of Terri Schiavo and Hugh Finn in which patients were being starved and dehydrated to death without their consent and that is a crime against humanity. I signed a lOving will from American Life League toward preventing that since I am also disabled but don't know how much the document will be respected if the government takes over those decisions on our behalf. May God save America. I'm not dead yet and I want to live, too!

Cecilia said...

The ironic thing is that Canada does NOT have the death penalty for murder. But the effort is being made to infuse the culture with the idea that handicapped people are unworthy of life.
Interesting that a sex slayer of a child must have his "rights," but if your only crime is being handicapped, you're considered unworthy of those same rights.