Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Euthanasia could save money - over social care in the UK

An article published today in the Gloucestershire Echo, in the UK quotes a leader at the National Pensioner's Convention suggesting that euthanasia might be the only option available for people who are faced with increased costs of social care.

Michael Stevens, vice chairman of the Gloucestershire branch of the National Pensioners' Convention, spoke out as the Government planned to unveil a new set of conditions for social care tomorrow.

Stevens stated:
"I often think that pensioners want to live in dignity and die in it too, and to that end one has to think about euthanasia."
The article reported that:
The package remains under fire because ministers have failed to give any assurances over finding the £1.7 billion-a-year required to rescue the ailing care system.
The reality is that many people are promoting euthanasia to reduce the costs of social services.

When the healthcare or government "bean counters" join the euthanasia lobby, you can expect a process whereby people are offered death or reduced social care.

We need to reject euthanasia and work to protect every citizen.

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