Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pope comments on man in PVS

Pope Benedict, recently had a rare televised interview, where he commented on the difficult case of a man in PVS since April 2009.

He reportedly told the mother of an Italian man who has been in PVS since Easter Sunday 2009 that her son's soul was still in his body and that he could feel the presence of love.

"The situation, perhaps, is like that of a guitar whose strings have been broken and therefore can no longer play," the pope told Maria Teresa.

Benedict, who frequently reminds the faithful that according to Catholic teachings euthanasia is wrong, then told her that spending hours a day by her son's side was an act of faith in God and of "respect for human life, even in the saddest of situations."

The Pope was emphasizing the humanity of the person, even while in PVS. The fact is that this man remains a human person deserving of love, care and respect.

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